The design and engineering solutions provided by A2K supports you to design faster, reduce designing and engineering costs, and enables an accelerated time to market for your design.

As a civil services leader, A2K Technologies provides a full-stack solution to the civil engineering industry across Australia, New Zealand, and China. With our industry-experienced staff and tailored approach, we can assist you with meeting your design objectives.

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1. Enablement

The journey towards change starts with the understanding that it takes planning, preparation, and support to guide you through the unexpected challenges you may face.

Our enablement stage navigates you through those challenges, from qualifying which products are best suited to your requirements to laying the groundwork for your learning process and launching into your first project.

With our vast customer experience, there is very little we haven’t seen. And when matched with our close vendor partnership, very few can offer a complete package.

Allow us to guide you through these initial steps.


Template Startup

Each new project should start from a solid foundation to deliver consistency and efficiency. Allow us to create you first Civil3D template, or continue the development of an existing template, so that meets your corporate design standards and industry requirements.

Project and Data Management Implementation

Let us review and audit your current Civil data management and exchange systems to help increase efficiencies, reduce data duplication, and reduce the risk of errors from data versioning.

2. Development

With the product selection and template in place, the direction is advanced towards user knowledge.

We recognise that companies can have varying levels of inherent knowledge across a variety of industries. For that reason, we offer a range of courses targeting the user’s individual competency at varying phases of their learning, thereby developing a strong project delivery team.

Our selection of online civil instructor-led training helps you get the most from your software investment and is strategically scheduled into our implementation packages.

If your team has a range of existing software knowledge and is unsure where to start, ask us about our KnowledgeSmart assessments.

Select your learning path

Each role is unique. Explore your path to product knowledge.

Civil Drafter / Technician

3. Improvement

The design industry and technology products are ever-changing. It can be difficult and time-intensive to invest in business resources to monitor your progress. That is why we’ve developed our mentoring program.

Improve your staff’s knowledge as we closely monitor and assess their progress, helping them grow with the software. While at the same time providing staff with a consistent support schedule that motivates them for future sessions.

Project Audits

Are you curious about how your projects are performing? Do you even have the time or in-house skills? Allow us to perform a full project audit to uncover any design deficiencies in advance of your next project.

Power Hour Sessions

You never finish learning. With our collective technical experience and vast industry exposure, we can fill knowledge gaps with project-focused learning.

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